Corporate Liability Training

Training_0Since 1997, our signature Award-Winning Corporation Liability training has helped company executives and other key personnel learn how to avoid lawsuits, compliance sanctions and criminal prosecution, as well as conduct verbal, written and electronic communication, including e-mail, in a legally sensitive and defensible manner.  Our training is not a one-size fits all.  We tailor our training to your company’s needs so that the courses are relevant to your organization; interactive and synchronized to adapt to our client’s corporate culture.  The objective is to help assist in improving your workforce’s core knowledge related to corporate liability while reinforcing the company’s vision and values.

The foundation for each of our training courses is “prevention.”  So what makes our corporate liability training unique?  Our corporate liability training program is distinguished from others by our intertwining of risk mitigation practices and the application of adult learning principles, which help employees grasp, apply and retain the information presented. Employees who engage in unethical and questionable conduct, and draft problematic communications cost companies millions of dollars in lawsuits and compliance sanctions.  In addition, employees are frequently held personally liable for their actions and expose themselves and the company to negative media and public scrutiny.

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