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Course Overview – Communications and Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness focuses on clarity and understanding about communication and what it takes to create an effective team. In this offering, a team learns the four basic communication styles and how to accommodate each one. The leader then gets to set their expectations around what it will take to create an optimal team.

Key Highlights

A powerful program based on the DiSC assessment for communication styles. It’s a ‘game-changer’ for a leadership team. Team Effectiveness combines training in communication styles with ‘on the spot’ coaching to create positive changes in business behavior and generate real cooperation.

How this helps organizations

Perhaps you have a management team that doesn’t cooperate well, because they do not communicate well. When a team learns the four basic communication styles, things get better. This program includes a personal style assessment for each participant. They’ll know their own style, when to temper it and when to adapt to others’ styles. Communication between team members improves. Good things start to happen.

Content and Delivery

Based on the classic DiSC assessment, this program is taught by leading educators in executive coaching. Attendees learn the four basic communication and work styles, how to recognize them, and what each style needs most. Included is a 15-page assessment for each participant, along with interactive work that drives home a message of inclusiveness.

Benefits of this program

After a Team Effectiveness workshop, communication between team members improves. The team is given a gift: they understand themselves and their teammates better. They can operate on a foundation of truth.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding personal behavior styles
  • Understanding team / group strengths and weaknesses.
  • Most important traits for teach effectiveness.
  • What a team needs to work on to be more effective.
  • Action plan for the team to move forward.

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What Customers Say – Testimonials
Risk Mitigation Worldwide 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Risk Mitigation Worldwide
After attending many presentations on the subject of Legal Avoidance Training by highly qualified individuals, I can truly say that the LegalWATCH style of presenting and training was the best. From Officers of the company to line management, everyone who has attended classes have walked away with a greater appreciation for being better professionals in all that they do and have actually made changes to correct many of their bad habits.

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