Corporate Liability

Course Overview

Our signature award winning Corporate Liability Training course focuses on corporate communications, with an emphasis on email and other electronic transmittals.  We train personnel at all levels on how to avoid making mistakes that often lead to costly settlements, litigation, regulatory sanctions and criminal liability.

Key Highlights

The objective of this course is to train your management and front-line employees to act and communicate in a manner that will withstand legal and public scrutiny. LegalWATCH’s training sensitizes key personnel to the impact their conduct and communications can have on internal disputes, regulatory compliance matters, legal proceedings and the company’s image and bottom-line.

This course has five Modules.

  • Module 1:  Discovery – Participants learn how the legal process works – – how the media and opposing parties to a lawsuit or governmental proceeding obtain information from the company and its leadership through lawsuits, open record requests and governmental subpoenas. Participants get to witness how seemingly innocent and informal communications can expose them, as well as the company, to civil and criminal liability.
  • Module 2:  Risk Mitigation Practices – Participants learn risk mitigation practices to incorporate as part of their daily behavior. These practices can significantly minimize risks and reduce the probability of them or the company being exposed to liability or negative press.
  • Module 3:  Factual Communications – Participants learn to communicate information in an objective, professional and factual manner, without infusing emotion, hearsay, speculation, commentaries, jokes or opinions into their communications.
  • Module 4:  Positive Communications – Participants learn techniques to communicate negative information in a positive and neutral manner without distorting or misrepresenting the facts. These techniques empower employees to perform their jobs in a legally sensitive and legally defensible manner.


  • Module 5:  Electronic Communications – Participants learn how electronic correspondence is retrieved and used as evidence in lawsuits, governmental investigations, administrative matters and internal disputes. They also learn how formal and informal communications can be used against them and the company, as well as ways to communicate and respond to electronic correspondence in a legally defensible manner.

Far too often, we tell employees what they can’t do without showing them what they can do. LegalWATCH’s training teaches employees how to communicate. Upon completion of LegalWATCH’s training, your leadership and key personnel will have a full appreciation of the legal process and a heightened awareness of how they can create liability through their conduct and communications.

How this course helps companies?

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What Customers Say – Testimonials
Risk Mitigation Worldwide 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Risk Mitigation Worldwide
After attending many presentations on the subject of Legal Avoidance Training by highly qualified individuals, I can truly say that the LegalWATCH style of presenting and training was the best. From Officers of the company to line management, everyone who has attended classes have walked away with a greater appreciation for being better professionals in all that they do and have actually made changes to correct many of their bad habits.

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