Diversity and Inclusion

Course Overview

Diversity and Inclusion is standard Training. Why is this? Because management’s actions and communications are more readily imputed to the company and because one improper act or communication can be enough to expose the company to liability, it is recommended that all key executives, managers and supervisors attend our standard 4-hour course. Our standard course is a comprehensive version of the two-hour course, and provides participants with the opportunity to practice what they learn, assuring that they grasp and retain the essential information and are capable of incorporating it as part of their routine behavior.

Key Highlights

The following areas are covered as part of our standard Harassment and Gender and Cultural Sensitivity management training:

  • Overview of the Legal Process – Participants learn how an allegation turns into a claim and/or lawsuit. They also learn how evidence is gathered from their personal and company files and used against them and the company in a harassment investigation or legal proceeding.
  • Overview of Harassment and EEO laws – Participants are given an overview of EEO laws and specific entity policies regarding forms of discrimination and harassment, sexual and non-sexual.
  • What is Harassment/Discrimination? – Participants learn about the different forms and types of conduct that constitute harassment and/or discrimination. Participants also learn to deal with situations such as welcomed behavior, consensual dating in the workplace, after-hours actions and communications, confidentiality requests, racial, religious or sexual epithets and manager/subordinate relationships.
  • How to handle information confidentially – Participants are sensitized to the importance of maintaining confidentiality in investigation and the impact the lack of confidentiality can have in a legal dispute.
  • Documenting allegations – Participants learn practices to document allegations in a factual, objective and legally sensitive manner.
  • Preventing harassment – Participants learn proactive measures to reduce and even prevent allegations and claims. We also discuss retaliation claims and lawsuits.

How This Helps Companies

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What Customers Say – Testimonials
Risk Mitigation Worldwide 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Risk Mitigation Worldwide
After attending many presentations on the subject of Legal Avoidance Training by highly qualified individuals, I can truly say that the LegalWATCH style of presenting and training was the best. From Officers of the company to line management, everyone who has attended classes have walked away with a greater appreciation for being better professionals in all that they do and have actually made changes to correct many of their bad habits.

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